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Antique and rare saddles sold "as is". No refunds.
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F.S. Jackson Saddle

Made in San Francisco. Late 1800's to early 1900's. 14.5 inch seat. In beautiful condition to ride or put in a museum or in your private collection.

Billy Cook

15"Trophy Ropeing Saddle,concho on horn silver, awarded in 1969, in excellant condition, they don't make them like this any more .A Beautiful saddle- hard to find originial Billy Cook saddles!

Big Horn Parade Saddle

Big horn parade saddle made in 40's or 50's. It includes the bridle, breast plate, serapies, covered stirrups, capideros. German silver. Antique. Real collectors item. Can ride and/or parade. Good investment. Real rare. In great shape.

Texas Hope Replica

New. Custom made. Light weight. Wood tree with raw hide covering half seat. Original made around 1840.

Bona Allen

Made in the 50's. Boney Allen parade saddle in beautiful condition.

Bona Allen Western Parade Saddle

A rare collectable. In beautiful shape and condition. We have a breast plate and a bridle that was made for and goes with this saddle.

Bona Allen

Made in the early 40's or 50's. Excellent shape. A real collectable.

N. Porter Co - Pheonix AZ.

Black Western show saddle with real silver. Excellent leather. Custom made. Beatiful saddle, custom tooling, and engraved silver.

Texas Hope Replica Saddle

This is a replica of a Texas Hope Saddle. I had this saddle custom made. It has an old time made tree covered on rawhide. It will fit a mule, a standard bred, and a walking hourse. It is light and will let the air flow over the mules back. It is also very durable. This type of saddle was a favorite of Generals at West Point, pre-Civil War and was a favorite of Robert E. Lee.

Original A Fork Saddle

Half seat - 16 1/2"
Late 1800's - Early 1900's
Fits a mule very well. Has not been recovered. Leather in excellent condition. Has a new D ring and leather strings.

We have 2 a fork western type saddle which are older than the pair of Main & Winchester saddles that recently sold at the Cody Old West Show & Auction in Denver, Colorado for $250,000. They are shown in the December issue of Cowboy & Indians pg. 62. We were invited to this show but due to a previous engagement could not attend. We are glad to see that antique saddles are of such good value for there place in american history.

A Fork Original Tree

Totally recovered with fine leather. Full seat.

Calvery Saddle

McCellan - Late 1800's, early 1900's. Original. Leather in great shape. RARE! With horn. Horn used with 4 or 6 up hitch to take animals with cannons to the front and then to bring them back rapping the leads around the horn. Double rigged. Not original sterups. Calvery pad made with horse hair. Calvery includes: canteen, saddle bags, covered stirrups, bits, and nickle bronze spurs.

Lady Side Saddle

Late 1800's, in good shape. Dark brown, beautiful stitched pattern. Antique.

American Indian Type Saddle

1600's - 1700's - 1800's

Jennifer Saddle

Used in the Civil War in the south.


Made in 1800's in Cookville, TN by the McBride family. Usned on mules, workhorses and in some cases steer and oxen.

Early 1900 Child Saddle

Unique tooling with Indian on the seat and horn.

Kentucky Plantation and Original Texas Hope Saddle

Kentucky Plantation - Early 1800's, also called a stitched down. Original wooden stirrups!

Original Texas Hope - Early 1800's. Unique brass conchoes.


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