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Important Information and Documents Just Added to the Articles Page!

Dr. Amy Mclean is continuously adding new articles and informative reading material to keep you up to date on the Mule and Donkey world. Make sure to check out all the great articles HERE often as they are continuously changing and more are added periodically.

Please visit our articles page for invaluable information on transporting do's and don't s when you purchase a new mule or donkey, as well as, common hauling practices and how to find a reputable hauler. You will also find helpful information about mule and donkey care everything from feeding, behavior, anatomy, and blood chemistry.
Enjoy the helpful information!




Wild Bill and Amy were named World Champion Amateurs for the third consecutive time. After having an amazing show and Wild Bill won 6 first places, sadly he passed away on June 13, 2014. He was a great one for sure! 

Congratulation to Dr. Amy Mclean and her mule Wild Bill for winning the 2013 over all World Reserve High Point Champion Mule and the World All Around High Point Amateur Champion Mule at the 44th Annual Bishop Mule Celebration in Bishop, California ,May 21-26, 2013. This is the oldest and best mule show in the world. The competition is ten fold harder than any other mule show in the world and to accomplish these wins against all the excellent competitors and mules is like climbing Everest, especially to be done by a little blond girl, Dr. Amy of Madison, Ga., over 20 years ago she set this goal. She has shown in many shows for many years and has also won High Point Gaited Mule at Bishop Mule Days and also at The Great Celebration Mule Show in Tenn. in the same year. Some of the mules and people she has showed against are the best. She has also had many friends who were competitors who were kind enough to give her assistance and help through out the years. Congratulation goes to them also for their accomplishments and good sportsmanship. Amy has always been taught and practiced good sportsmanship. She has worked real hard to accomplish these wins.

"All the people who didn't win this year, come back next year and try, try , try and don't cry,cry,cry." Ray McLean We would also like to thank the two talented and famous, Bob Feist and Bob Tallman for doing a great job of announcing and putting on an entertaining and fun show, the crowds just love them and so do we. The show has for many years been very well run, due to the hard work of a very good staff and under the expert direction of Dr. Carl Lind, vet and mule owner. The town of Bishop is located in the Sierra Mountains, a truly beautiful town. Both the show and town are worth the trip. See ya'll next year!


News Flash!

Dr. Amy McLean and four of her student from the University of Wyoming were chosen by the American Quarter Horse Association to conduct clinics on quarterhorses in the following countries: Denmark, Ireland , England, and Sweeden. They are also visiting: Portugal, Spain and Scotland along the way and went to the The Donkey Rescue Santuary in England.
Dr. Amy McLean got to ride Piotou donkey and got to see Piotou Donkies plowe. She also got to ride a mule out of a Piotou donkey. This has been a month long trip and she is currently in Ireland. We will have more news about it when she gets back!

Movie One
(Jumping an Irish Sport Horse)
Dr. Amy McLean is on an Irish Gypsy horse she rode and jumped in Ireland.


Amy McLean just won High Point Amature at Bishop Mule Days, Bishop, California, 2012. She won High Point World Champion Amateur and Reserve High Point Western.

Amy McLean at Bishop Mule Days at Bishop, California 2012

Dr. Amy Mclean's University of Wyoming Horse Judgeing Team, which she just started two years ago, won Reserve Champion Senior Team at the 2011 All American Quarter Horse Congress, in Columbus, Ohio last week, this is one of the biggest quarter horse show in the country reported to have had over 17,000 entries.there were 18 horse judging teams Amy's team won Haulter beating the other teams by 18 points and was second in Reasons and third in Performance. Congratulation to Amy and her University of Wyoming Winning Horse Judgng Team.

Congratulation to Amy McLean and Wild Bill who won Reserve World Champion All Around Amature Mule at Bishop Mule Days at Bishop, California, this year 2011. They also won the following classes : Amature Reining, Amature Western Pleasure, Amature Cowboy Dressage. Second in Training Level Dressage, and Fifth in WesternPleasure Stakes class. Again congratulations and for more information on Amy and Bill check out show results on our web. We also want to congratulate Ernie and Sharon Busby of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, who's mule Dixie, a mule that they bought from us and who is out of a gray jack named Smokey who they bought from us recently won Champion High Point Junior Mule at the Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show, Shelbyville, Tenn. At that show Dixie also won the following: National Champion Junior Mule Hunter Under Saddle, National Champion Junior mule Western Pleasure Riding, Junior Mule Ranch Riding, National Champion Junior Mule Trail 5 and under. Dixie also did extremely well at the All American Mule and Donkey Congress in April 2011 at Tulsa Oklahoma, there she was High Point Green Mule. She also placed first in Green Trail and Junior Trail. The Jack she is out of Smokey has also thrown very good gaited mules. We are so glad that you got Dixie from us and have shown her so well, again congratulation Ernie and Sharon Busby and Dixie!

Amy McLean and Wild Bill at Bishop Mule Days at Bishop, California 2011

When we owned Dixie we rode her in a walking gaits wealso trailed rode her our mules are very verstile.
Dixie on a trail.
Nicky standing on Dixie reaching for the moon.
Dixie and her brother Oliver gaiting on down the road.
When we train them we train them with or without a rider to be in a gait, anyone. can ride Dixie and Oliver.

From Bishop Mule Days Bishop, California, Patches of Clouds won high point youth championship -- what an accomplishment. Congratulation to the young lady and Pat Barlett, from Bishop California. Pat told me before the show that Patches was the best mule he ever rode and she had a great mind. We raised Patches. She was out of Chief White Cloud and a great mare who had 5 other good mules -- breeding is the key to all great mules, especially the Jack in the hybred animal. Also congratulation to Amy McLean and Wild Bill for winning Amateur Western Pleasure and the 5 year old Thoroughbred type halter class. Go to Show Results for pictures of Patches and to the Accomplishments for the latest news on Amy McLean.

Sowhatchet owned and showed the 2005 Bishop Mule Days' Gaited Mule High Point Champion, Las Vegas Showgirl (shown by Amy McLean and Crystal Ward) and Reserve High Point Mule And Red Eye Gravy (ridden by Ray McLean). Amy McLean won High Point Reserve Amateur Mule at the 2011 Bishop Mule Days, Bishop, CA and High Point Amateur Mule at the Celebration Mule and Donkey Show at Shelbyville, TN in 2010. For the past 4 years we have owned, trained and raised the Gaited High Point Champions of Bishop Mule Days, Bishop, CA. We have also owned and shown the 1997, 2000 (both won by Las Vegas Lights), and 2003 (Viva Las Vegas) Open World Grand Champion Gaited High Point Mules at the Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show, Shelbyville, TN.


Janet Stroud recently called us and emailed us these pictures and told us that Lotetta , a mule we original owned, was a great mule and "takes care of her on a trail ride and follows her around the barn for her treat and that she now had a forever home". We also owned her full brother Johnny Cash another good mule, who now lives in Washington.

Hi Jessica and Ray!

I am sending you some pics of Picasso.  I am calling him Paco as Picasso was really tripping me up! LOL!

I have ridden him 3 times so far and he is just wonderful!  He rides as good as most seasoned trail horses.  He is very brave and has the most wonderful gait.  I spent alot of time just allowing him to get to know me.  I ground drove him several times .

He is very soft, yeilds to the bit to the left and right, and has a good stop.  After three rides he is very proficient at turning on the forhand and is pretty decent at turning on the haunches and sidepassing.  We are now working on a half pass and moving the haunches to the right and left as we travel straight down the road.

I have been riding him at a local carriage resort and he is not bothered by the horses and carriages, golf carts, tractors, etc..  This facility also has multiple metal life sized statues of various animals and he is not afraid of them at all.  He has only spooked at the dark black asphalt on one of the trail crossings, that was once, on his second ride ever, and he simply stopped and snorted.  Then he walked over the asphalt quietly after my friend's horse went over it.  He walks so very fast that we are always in the lead, way way out front of the group.  He has virtually NO fear!  I just love him and am so glad to have met him.  Everything you have told me about him was so very true!

You can put my letter on your website if you wish to use as a testimonial.  Ray and Jessica, you are such nice people and it was such a pleasure to meet you.  Thank you for being so sweet to my 3 year old daughter!  It was a long drive, but very much worth the trip.  Paco is now a part of the family and I think he is very happy with us!  He gaits up to the fence at feed time and brays like a maniac for his supper!  

Thank you again so very much!  Have a blessed day!


Hi Ray and Jessica.

Hambone has been doing just great.  I have been riding or working with him on the ground 3-5 days most weeks and we finally were able to take some time to go out to Teddy Roosevelt Park (Medora, ND) last Thursday and returned home today    

Even though we hit quite a bit of rain (very unusual for ND this time of year), we were able to get in some good riding time on Friday and Saturday AM.  Hambone did really well - started off a little spooky the first day - there was a lot of wind and "scary" things like prairie dogs popping in and out of their burrows and petrified tree stumps (he had to give the whitish ones a second look), but he calmed down and negotiated the streams at the bottom of the deep canyon trails and the steep climbs like he had done this a million times.  He really liked leading and didn't object to following Dan either.  The second day, Hambone was becoming an "old pro".  We rode the painted canyon trails which are the most beautiful trails in the South Unit of the park and, altho they were muddy from all the rain, neither Dan nor Hambone had any problems.

I hope both of you and all of your animals are well.  I would have a photo to send but my camera (disposable) fell out of my pocket while I was riding on Friday and on Saturday, it was raining increasingly harder when we got the animals back to trailer so I didn't want to take time to get out the camera before we hustled the mules back into the trailer.


Our goal at Sowhatchet Mule Farm is to raise, train, and make World Champion saddle mules both gaited and non-gaited (W.C. He’s a Playboy, 2004 Reserve World Champion All Around Amateur High Point Mule, Bishop, CA).

Please refer to the links above or below for further information and feel free to contact us or come by the farm!

Jessica and Amy McLean
Cell: 706-296-8743
Primary e-mail:


This website, symbols, logos, information, videos, pictures, our farm name, and all other information pertaining to The Sowhatchet Mule Farm, Inc. are protected under US Copy Write Law and US International Trade Mark Laws. Any information or properties are not to be copied or used without written permission from Ray McLean, President or legal action will be taken.

Sowhatchet Mule Farm, Inc. has a non-refundable policy on any object or service or animal and not responsible for any accidents caused by an animal according to the GA Code Title 4 Chapter 12.

As of 1/1/15, Sowhatchet Mule Farm reserves the right to charge a $200 fee per month, per animal, for boarding on any animal left on the Sowhatchet Mule Farm premises over night after being purchased.

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